About Us

Bring the cozy and family-friendly lifestyle of houseplants, created by a wife & homeschooling mom offering plant inspired apparel designs and other home products. 

I believe that adding plants to your home can bring many benefits, such as increased air quality, natural beauty, and a feeling of peace and relaxation to create a warm and welcoming home environment. Not only do I love plants for their aesthetic value, but they also enhance the overall appearance of a space. 

My designs are inspired by the beauty of nature. Plants have been my inspiration to create unique apparel designs as well as home products for plant enthusiasts. As a creative designer It’s always important to find what inspires you. Throughout my collection you will see a mix of nature and art designs that is much loved by those who love plants.

Following my passion in design & plants, I also have a blog about keeping plants healthy and beautiful, offering resources including care guides, growing tips for a variety of plants, easy-to-care-for succulents as well as gardening advice.